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graphic design and web programming



Langham Station is a one-man operation based in Los Angeles, California. Originally this site was an online portfolio in 2002 to showcase my work to potential employers; however, after the start of 2007, I've expanded the goals of the site to focus on attracting freelance work as well.

The blog on this site is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts on design and web programming. Of course, living in Los Angeles, I am surrounded by design in one shape or another wherever I turn. Sometimes it is hard to let those moments pass by unrecorded.

Jeff's Photo Jeffrey Langham has a doctorate in English from the University of Southern California. In 2000, he began his Web graphic design career working for Rothstein & Memsic, a graphic design and advertising firm based in Los Angeles. While there, Jeffrey's responsibilities encompassed graphic design, Web programming, project management, copywriting and editing, Flash development, and video editing. He also gained extensive experience working in print as a graphic designer and typesetter. In 2007, Rothstein & Memsic closed its doors to become Infowit, a project management software design company, and Jeffrey moved on to work as a graphic designer for the in-house design department of a local non-profit organization. Currently, he is Webmaster for the USC Shoah Foundation—The Institute for Visual History and Education.


This Web site uses Web standards to ensure forward compatibility. Via strict XHTML and CSS, this site separates content from presentation. Some of the content, including the blog and the portfolio, are dynamically generated using PHP and MySQL. Other technologies employed on this site are AJAX and microformats. The tools used for this site include: Dreamweaver CS3, Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, Aqua Data Studio 6.5, Firebug (a Web page development plug-in for Firefox), and Transmit. The fonts on this site are Trebuchet, Georgia, and Arial. This site was entirely built on a Mac Silver G4.