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Comment Lists and User Experience

When I read a blog, especially a technical one, I like reading the comments because of the real dialogue that can spring up around a particular issue/problem and the various forms a solution can take. However, since this dialogue occurs in a linear, chronological fashion, I wonder why the current convention is to sort comments in descending order by post date (with the most recent entry on top). Certainly there are help desks and blogs that swap that order, but it seems that the majority of sites I visit list the most recent first.

Why should I want to read the most recent response first, especially when it may also be responding to other previous comments in the thread? List blog posts in descending order, of course. But, wouldn't it make more sense to list comments in ascending order?

I wonder if the trend has more to do with default settings on blog sites and that users aren't aware of the readability issues enough to change them.

10/17/2008 at 12:23 PM | 0 comments

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