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Album art makes beautiful music

Okay, sometimes I get my music tips from NPR, and so is the case with Fleet Foxes, a Seattle-based band with a great vocal sound. And what a pleasant surprise when I ran to Amoeba on Sunset to find that the cover art is from "The Blue Cloak" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. I saw it in Berlin and the painting contains visual references to over 90 dutch proverbs. How could I resist?

I've got this theory that there's a correlation between the album artwork and the likelihood that I am going to like the music. So far, it has paid off. That's how I "discovered" Super Furry Animals. Great album covers. The same with Duo 505 and The Cardigans' first album. Bought them song unheard and immediately became a fan. Risky, I know, but so far my track record is holding out. I admit, though, when money is an issue, I will on occasion try out the tracks on iTunes before I buy, but so far it's only confirmed my theory. I wonder, to what extent do bands have a role in deciding the artwork for their albums?

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