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My Favorite iPhone far

After spending more time on iTunes than I ever have pre-iPhone 2.0, I've downloaded a few apps and played around with them. The phone saber was funny for a day, then I deleted it. My favorite app, so far, and the most useful, has to be the Ultralingua foreign language dictionary. I got it in German, but it comes in other languages. Not only does it have a dictionary but it also comes with a verb conjugator and a number translator (type in a number and it will spell it out for you in German). My only complaint? They need to expand the dictionary in their next release. Every so often, I stump it and have to turn to LEO Online (which, by the way, is the best online German dictionary).

Second place goes to OneTap Movies. It determines your location and gives you a list of theaters in your vicinity. Click on a theater and it displays a list of movies playing, along with playing times, duration, movie rating, and links to a preview and the GoogleMap app for directions. Best of all, it's free. If I saw more movies, this app would be killer.

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