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Happy accidents in Photoshop

Sometimes the most useful Photoshop tricks are the ones you pick up from mistakes.

Today I learned how to align layers using the marquee tool. I won't retrace the long and windy path that eventually got me there. Here's the short and skinny:

  1. Draw out a rectangular area using the marquee tool (m) or cmd (ctrl on a PC)+click on a layer's thumbnail to create a selection.
  2. Click on one or a few layers (for multiple selections hold down the cmd (ctrl on a PC) and click on the layer name).
  3. Select the move tool (v) and from the align menu (either in the menu bar or from the align palette), click on the alignment option of your choice.
  4. The layers will snap to the confines of the selection shape and align to each other.

Try it for yourself to get a better idea how this works. I haven't found a practical use for it yet, but when it comes, I'll be ready.

10/13/2008 at 10:59 AM | 0 comments

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