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Courtesy Online

Client: Courtesy Mortgage

Category: Web

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Courtesy Mortgage approached R&M in 2004 to have us design their Web site. Their main concern was to put a human face to the scary business of home financing. Their target audience was the new homebuyer, so they were interested in making a friendly and helpful first impression while also pushing their range of financing options. We helped them achieve this through clear calls to action that helped walk visitors through the steps of finding out what their needs were and matching them to suitable products. The designer and copywriter was Richard Hooker. Jason Grunstra and Chris Worley were on the server-side development team.

My Involvement: I was responsible for converting the Photoshop designs into HTML and CSS. This was particularly tricky because the designer for the project introduced considerable layout challenges for CSS, which I needed to solve to accommodate several browsers. Also, we used third-party online calculator tools whose skins needed to be reformatted to match the look and feel of the site. I was responsible for making that work as seamlessly as possible.