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OWA Revisited

Client: Outwest Arts

Category: Web

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Out West Arts is a popular classic music and arts blog that launched in 2006. I designed the original template for the site, including logo design. Since the primary focus of attention is the classical music scene in Los Angeles, California, the blog needed a look that evokes the sensibility of the city as well as make a nodding reference to the blog's name. Working with the client, I chose a pared-down color palette of deep orange and black (see fig. 3). The logotype used a font that mimicked the titling found in 19th-century broadsheets and wanted posters.

In 2007, the client decided to introduce an annual redesign as a part of the blog's own design concept: ever changing, responding to the shifting demands of its subject. The client wanted to focus on the idea of the "vertical" as well as the asymmetrical. I produced a design that created a columnar layout in which all the headings ran down along the sides. We reenvisioned the logo to look like a stencil spraypainted on rusting metal (see fig. 1). Also, I introduced a CSS solution to provide a list of links to previous posts that made compact use of the blog's precious real estate. In figure 2 above, the list appears as a dropdown with a scrollbar. While this could have been handled using forms, I now had the flexibility to style the dropdown to match the rest of the site.

Updated: August 15, 2008, Out West Arts launched its 2nd annual redesign. It's back to school for Out West Arts, sporting a notebook paper background and accompanying doodles. Also, the dropdown menus in the sidebar have a Post-It note background to complete the look.

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My Involvement: I created the graphic design and coded the blog template using CSS and Javascript.