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Picante Gets Facelift

Client: Picante Sportfishing

Category: Web

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Picante Sportfishing's first Web site launched in 2000, at a time when Web standards did not have a real footing as the current browsers at the time provided minimal support for layout in CSS. As a result, their first Web site was built completely using nested tables to handle layout. Except for some of the pages' body content, the site used images to render headings and navigation elements. While this allowed the site to have a unique type treatment, it kept out the search engines that Picante Sportfishing counted on for its traffic (see fig. 1). Since the client regularly needed updates to its line of yachts, making those updates were painful and time consuming.

In 2007, the client approached Infowit to redesign their Web site, and Infowit contracted the work to Langham Station. Meeting with the client, I helped them establish goals for the Web site that I incorporated into the functional design of the site. I also created a content management system so that the client could easily update the Web site.

My Involvement: I created the graphic design of the current site and coded the site using ASP, CSS, and MSSQL. I also created the Flash sequence on the home page.

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