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graphic design and web programming


Universal Music

Client: Universal Music Group

Category: Web

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At Rothstein & Memsic, I got the opportunity to work on the design and front-end coding for a series of promotional microsites for artists signed with Universal Music Group's various labels. The first project was to promote Lucinda Williams' album "Essence." Since the goal of the site was to get visitors to fill out an online survey, the call to action had to be forceful and benefit-driven. The incentive was a free full-length sampler CD of Lost Highway artists. This became the real focus of attention.

Not only did visitors who filled out the short survey get the sampler, they also were entered into a sweepstakes for free tickets to see Lucinda Wiliams in concert. They also were treated to a streaming recording of Lucinda Williams' title track once they reached the thank you page.

The microsite had such a successful conversion rate that it won a Golden Echo award in the Direct Marketing Association's international Golden Echo competition. Our involvement with UMG and Worthington-Levy Creative continued as we worked on promotional microsites for Sheryl Crow, Elvis Costello and Musiq.

The art director for the projects was Richard Hooker. Nusara Setsiriboonya provided additional coding and site testing.

My Involvement: I worked on the graphic design and the front-end coding of the template pages. I also created the Flash scripting for the streaming audio on all three of the microsites. I was recognized by the DMA for my "outstanding contribution" to the Lucinda Williams campaign.