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SCMA's New Web Site

Client: Southern California Mediation Association

Category: Web

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In 2005, SCMA came to R&M for a new Web site. Since this organization did not have a Web site before, we started with a clean slate. The goals of the site were simple: provide resources and event information to visitors as well as offer a password-safe area for its members to post messages and job listings. The solution involved a content management system for the client to manage member registration, send group emails, add news announcements, and upload articles. Richard Hooker was the art director and designer. Jason Grunstra and Chris Worley made up the server-side development team.

My Involvement: I was brought in after layout designs and the site map were submitted to and approved by the client. I converted the Photoshop designs into HTML templates for the server-side development team. I controlled the entire layout using CSS. At the time of deployment, we resorted to a javascript solution for the pull-down navigation, instead of CSS, since the client’s browser compatibility demands were limited to Internet Explorer. However, we ensured that the site was also compatible with Gecko-based browsers.