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Bobo Goes Live

Client: Bourgeois Bohème

Category: Web

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R&M had already created a Web site for Bourgeois Bohème, but after a few years the needs of the client as well as the advances in Web technologies led to an opportunity for us to redo their Web site. No longer focussing on continental antiques, Bourgeois Bohème needed a more contemporary look. They also wanted a content management service that would allow them to add and delete products on their own. We provided a clean, modular, more modern look that still maintained a connection to a neo-classical past through the use of classic serif type for headings and navigation items.

For the main navigation bar on the home page, I used Javascript and CSS to provide a rich response on rollover (see fig. 2 above).

My Involvement: I was responsible for the creative design as well as the HTML/CSS coding of the template pages. Chris Worley of Red Apple Designs created the database-driven front end pages as well as the back end pages for the CMS.

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